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Leaveapplication.co/ is an education website. It is made to provide information to students and employee about writing Application for leave.

Who are We?

Leave Application has been launched as providing much needed guidance to students and employee about writing a leave application to Principal or boss , we have quality writing experience about Application and letter that are required to students and employee to demand leave as the leave from work is a basic right of every student and employee. Thus, for following the rules and regulations and maintaining decipiline at school and office, one would have to submit a request letter for asking leave.

1. Quality not Quantity

Quality is most demanded thing.  All the sample Application are written with care and according letter writing rules. We have personally checked for spells and Paragraph errors and our content is free of every kind of mistake.

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All information is provided for our visitors. There is no any copy and past restrictions, you can read our content offline.

Please feel free to contact with us. We will care to respond you as earlier as possible.

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