Application For Admission In School | How To Write An Application For Admission

For getting admission in school and college student would have to write an application to Principal of desired institute. Here I am going to share important information and necessary tips to write an application letter for school admission and college.Following documents you require to attach with school admission Application.

School admission application letter

Procedure Of Getting Admission In School

Thus the school are not only different in shape but their process to get admission, collect exam, is also different. Some of quality education school offer a per-admission screening test. Only those candidate who passed out in test will be eligible to get admission in school.

Therefore, the most necessary thing is that, student or his parents should visit the school to know the method of getting admission.

After acquiring the school per-admission test student will require to fill out the admission form and to submit it with admission fee. All of this type information can only be collected from school information desk. Let’s know tips how to write an application letter for school admission.

Tips To write A Recommendation  Letter For School Admission

You are going to get admission in well reputed school so you should write an professional Application for admission. I hope following mentioned tips will help you write a school admission Application.

  • Find out a unique admission application format to write your letter according to letter writing rules and procedure.
  • Keep your conversation polite, request with humble and be gentle to achieve your academic goal.
  • Must mention your outdoor skills likes games, speech.
  • Your letter should be readable and according to recipient requirements.
  • Mention the name of any relative or teacher if he did suggest you to join school.
  • Must attached required documents with your application letter.
  • Provide your contact info

School Admission Request Application Letter Format

Follow given below sample to write application for admission in new school


The Principal,

ABC High School Chandigarh,

Chandigarh, India

Subject: Request Application For Admission In School.

Respected Admired Sir / Madam,

With great respect I might want to request in your distinguished honor that, I am Mr. Ramesh residence of ( village Colony). I have completed my class 8th from ( your previous school name) with good marks. My mark sheet is attached.

Some of my neighbor students are already studying in your school. They passed current year examination with excellent performance. This inspired me and my parents to get admission in your school.

Therefore, kindly approve my admission request application and let me a chance to learn quality education in your famous institute. I hope and expect good thoughts from you,

Hopefully Yours

Mr. Ramesh

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Sample Application For Admission In School By Parent


The Principal,

The Brilliant School

Hyderabad India

Subject: Request Letter For School Admission For My Son / Daughter.

Dear Sir,

With due regards, I am Mr Santosh Father of Mr. Rohit. As nobody of area is unknown of the fact that, your school is very famous and off course is providing best quality education. Thus, I inspired to get admission for my son for year of 2020-21 in class (6th). Required documents are attached.

Benevolently approve my request application for admission. I would be thankful to you.

I am obliged for kind support.

Sincerely yours!

Santosh Ram,

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