Application For Bonafide Certificate In English | Samples & Guide

Bonafide certificate is a type of proof or document that identify the person, a Student or Employee is belongings to an organization. The reason of awarding this document to students and employee for applying for scholarship, stipend, cast validity, opening bank account or may be for bus pass, adhere card and passport. Both Students and employee would have to submit a request letter to the head authority of belongings department A Principal of school and college or A director or manager of any organization.

Sample request letter for bonafide certificate

How To Format A Request Application To Principal For Bonafide Certificate From School And College

School should follow a specific format to write one account their nature of requirements. Check below few easy steps to write a application for bonafide certificate.

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1. Addressing:


(Rohit Verma

(Class 9th )

(School Or College Name)


The Principal

(School Or College Address)

2. Subject Line:

Request For Issuance Bonafide certificate

3. Salutation:

Respected Sir / Madam

Honorable Sir,

4. Application Body:

Most respectfully, I beg to say that, I have required bonafide certificate from school for the purpose of applying for scholarship (mention nature of scholarship).

I hope you will kind enough to issue me the required certificate so, that I can carry-on the process of applying for my desired scholarship.

4. Thanks Note:

I will be obliged to you.

5. Closing Remarks:

Your Faithfully,
Applicant Name,

Sample Application Letter For Bonafide Certificate

For further assistance to students and employee. I have given some format for bonafide certificate letter. These letters can be use to copy and past in case quick requirement.

1. Application for Bonafide certificate for scholarship By Student

Subject: Request Application For Bonafide certificate.

Respected Sir,

With great respect, I would like to request in your high rank for a bonafide certificate from your college for the purpose of Applying for government scholarship, which is required according to their terms and conditions. I, Therefore request to issue me bonafide certificate so, that I can apply for scholarship.

I would be thankful to you.

Yours Faithfully,

Applicant Name,
Address In Detail

2. Application For Bonafide certificate By Parent

Subject: Apology Request For Bonafide certificate.

Respected Sir/Madam

I am Mr. Manoj Kumar father of Mr. Raj Kumar student of class 6th in your school. I am composing this request application to for a bonafide certificate for my child from your respected organization. The certificate is highly required to me, for the educational loan for the further study of my son. ( or mention nature of requirements).

Kindly issue above requested certificate so that, I can apply for education support loan for my child.

I shall be utterly obliged to you!

Thanking you!

Yours Sincerely,

Applicant Name
Your Signature
Contact Info

3. Request Letter For Bonafide certificate For Employee


The Manager

Department Name

Department Address


Subject: Request letter for Bonafide Certificate For opening Bank Account.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is (Mr. Rehman) an employee of your respected firm for last (1 year). I am writing this letter to request you for Issuance a bonafide certificate.

The said certificate is required for a bank account to meet their terms and conditions.

Kindly issue requested certificate as earlier as possible so that, I can open a bank account for me. I would be thankful to you for your kind support.

Your Name:
Your Address In Detail
Employee Signature

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