Three Sample Application For Retake Exam

A retake exam application letter is a formal letter written by a student to the relevant department of their university or college requesting permission to retake an exam. The letter should include the student’s name, ID number, the exam they would like to retake, the reason for wanting to retake the exam, and the expected outcome of the retake. The letter should also include any additional information that may be helpful in making a decision about the retake request.

Retake exam application letters should be polite and professional and should provide clear evidence as to why the retake is necessary. It is also important to remember to include the student’s contact information in the letter, such as their phone number and email address, so that the department can respond in a timely manner.

Most universities and colleges have policies in place regarding retake exams, which should be consulted before submitting a retake application letter. By following the university’s policies, students can ensure that their retake request is handled in the most efficient way possible.

Application For Retake Exam in university

The Dean,
University Name

Subject: Application for Retake Exam

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I am [Name], student of [Your Course Name] in your University. I am writing this letter to apply for retake exam for the [Subject Name] which I missed due to personal reasons.

I understand that I have missed the exam and there is no chance for me to sit for this exam. Still, I request you to kindly grant me a special chance to apply for the retake exam. I have already submitted the required documents and documents of my absence proof.

I promise that I will be more focused next time and make sure to never miss any of my future exams. I understand that it is my responsibility to attend all the examination and I will be more careful in future.

I will be really thankful if my request is accepted. Thank you.

[Your Name]
[Your Roll Number]

Application For Retake Exam due to fever


The Principal,

[School Name]

Subject: Request for Retake of Exam due to Fever

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am [Name], a student of [Class] at your esteemed institution and wish to draw your attention towards a serious matter. I am writing this application to kindly request you to grant me a retake of the exam which I had missed due to a fever.

I had been feeling feverish and weak a few days before the exam and was therefore unable to attend the examination. Despite taking medicines prescribed by my doctor, I was still unwell on the day of the examination and could not attend it.

I hope that you will consider my request, as I have been a regular student throughout the year and have worked hard in my studies. I have been studying and preparing for the exam for a few weeks now and I am confident that I will be able to complete the exam successfully if I get the chance for a retake.

I am attaching the medical prescription and all the relevant documents along with this application. Kindly look into my request and grant me the permission for the retake of the exam.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Application For Retake Exam due to death

Dear [Name],

I am writing to request a retake exam due to a death in my family. [Name of deceased], a close relative, passed away suddenly last week, which caused me great emotional distress. I was in no condition to attend my [exam/test/quiz] on [date], which was a requirement for [course/program].

I am asking for a chance to complete this exam, as I am prepared and motivated to do so. I understand the gravity of this request and I take this opportunity to reaffirm my commitment to this [course/program], and my eagerness to continue my studies.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]

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