How To Write An Application For Section Change In English

How to write a request letter to the principal for a section change. A student is entitled to write a request application to his school principal for a change of section.

There may many reasons behind this,

1. Due to extraordinary issues.

2. A relative student’s brother or sister is studying in another section, and the student or his parents want to change the section.

3. Students or parents wish to change the section from Hindi to English medium.

4. Or someone for any other reason.

A school is a disciplined place, where all decisions take place by policy and permission. So one must have to write a request letter to the principal requesting the change section.

Here we are going to share with you a few format applications for change in the section. By following any one of the samples, you can write your application and address it to the principal.

Application To Principal For Section Change | Writing Guide & Sample Letter

Any type of application a student addresses to his school principal is a formal letter and must be written formally.

Below are a few samples for the students’ guidance.

1. Request letter to principal for section change

The Principal,
Your School Name,
Your School Place & Address,

Subject: Application for section change.

Honorable Sir/Madam,

Most respectfully, I would like to request that you change my class section.

The reason behind this request is that my family and friends’ students are studying in class section B of my same class, and I am feeling bored.

My humble request is to kindly change my class section from A to B. So that I can study with my family and friends’ students.

Thanking you,

Your Obedient Student
Manoj Kumar
Section A

Request letter to principle for section change

2. Request Application to principal for section change by parents.

The Principal,
School Name,
School Place & Address,

Subject: Request application for changing in the class section.

I humbly state that I am Qavi Ram. My son, Mr. Premdas, is studying in class 4th section A at your school.

In respect of the subject lines of this request application, I request a section change in my child’s class because he wants to study with his cousins in section B. I would be obliged to you if you changed the section of my kid’s class from section A to B.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely
Mr. Qavi

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3. Application to principal for section change from Hindi, Urdu To English Medium.

The Principal,
ABC School
Dehli, India

Subject: Request application for section change from Urdu To English Medium.

It is respectfully requested that I be (your name) a student in 3rd grade. I am writing this request application for a section change from Urdu to English medium as my parents want me to study in English medium.

Therefore, I will oblige you if you transfer me to the English medium section.

I will thankful to you

You’re Obedient
Mr. Manoj Kumar.
Class 3rd

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