How To Write Birthday Letter To Best Friend

Sending letters to best friends is a easy and oldest way to realize them that, there is one in your life who wishes you, care for you and remember you.

Happy Birthday letter for best friend

Birthday is a best occasion of our life, to send happy birthday letters, friendship wishes cards, nice, sweet, and apologize, Congratulations Message to make them happy.

Sample Letter For Best Friend

Check these given Below Sample Letter For Best Friend

1. Touching Happy Birthday Letter For The Best Friend

The Birthday is one of the remarkable occasion of our life that makes us happy. Sometimes friend send apology letter to  best friend on his/ her birthday, to take benefits if ever they got a bit anger over any reason. Somewhere we witness close friends writes a funny letter to best friend to make him / her laugh.

Below is a written letter, you can send this birthday wishes letter to best friend on his / her birthday.

My dear friend ( Name),

I am glad, that you one of mine close dearest friend is already (18). By the way you don’t seems the age, though.

I am so cheerful that you has completed the (18th ) year of life. You are well known to me for the larger time and I can understand what your opinions like to take a stair advance toward a new chapter of your life.

Remember, there was the time when we were expecting to complete school and pointing to college. Whatever we thought, to study together at college our aspirations were going to come true. I wish to stay together for every year of our life.

You are my best friend. I have spent a longest time with you, as I remember we have celebrated every religious festival altogether. I want on you to remember me in every occasion of your life.

You are dearest friend of mine. You are the only person whom I, saved in my deep heart. You are the person with whom I often raised and freely shared my feelings and worries because you are my truly a remarkable soul and friendly to me.

Now we are about to leave the college. The time has come for us to becomes each other’s arm, to brighten our future. I hope that GOD will give us all the opportunities for success that, will lead us toward success.

I am so happy on your birthday, as much as on mine birthday. I pray the GOD to award you happiness you desire in life. May Almighty protect you from turning of  blind eyes.

With love,

( Your Name)

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2. Sweet and nice Letter To Best Friend On Birthday

Writing Friendship letter to best friend is a way to make feel your friend that, you are one in his life who remember you. Below is a short meaningful letter to best friend in English you may like.

My Dearest friend (Name),

Thanks for coming into my life. I admit there is no friend other than you in my life who is more special as you. You are the dearest one. You has always been with me over the past three years whatever, I did, eat, drink, at school, market, good and bad time but lived and enjoyed together, which have now become life’s best memories. I will not be able to reward you for your kindness.

I would be proud to have a good job so you can learn something new and achieve big things. I want to let you know that I don’t need to make many friends while you are one in hundreds. Sometimes I believed, there should have many friends in one’s life but I was wrong, a best friend is a forever friend. By this friendly letter I want to make you feel that you always remembered me in every walk of my life.

Happiness are part of humans life but one who comes close while worries is best friend. Thank you for supporting me in every situation I can’t reward you for your support. If ever I became angry on any circumstances you always tried to fix, I can’t forget you about these things. I want forever friendship with you. I pray may Almighty award you ever things you desire in your life as He given me best friend.

Your loyally friend,

( Your Name)

3. Emotional letter To The Sweet Friend

My sweet friend (Name),

I imagine as if I am in heaven whenever I thought, you are mine for ever. I have decided and deposited it in my ❤️. No matter what happen I will not let you go from my life.

You are like my life and I don’t want to loose it at any price. There is lots of friends comes in life but what’s special is just you. You are too close to me as my heart.

I have spent a lot of time of my life with you. I have shared every feeling happiness and worries. You always supported me, you taught me the right meaning of life because you love me and I too.

I pray that Almighty gives you a long happy life which our relation alive ever.

You’re lovely friend,

You’re Name:

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