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Formal Letter Format: Formal letters writing is one of biggest need of our official relationship. In this article I am going to share valuable information about how to write a professional formal letter with format, example and PDF Sample, template in English.

In addition, you will find here important tips and point about how to start, address, and how to end a formal letter.

Format for formal letter

What Is A Formal Letter And Why To Write?

Formal letter meaning and definition: It is a kind of letter, write to maintain official relationship only. In other words you can defines it ” the way of communication of official written messages”.

Formal letter writing topics:

  • Leave Application For School And College
  • Application For Sick Leave
  • Leave Application For Office
  • Application For TC
  • Sick Leave Email
  • Application To Principal For Leave
  • Resignation Letter Format
  • Application For Fee Concession
  • Application For Degree Certificate
  • How To Write An Application For Bona-fade Certificate
  • Application To Bank Manager

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How To Write A Formal Letter

Some times we need to see structure of formal letter for a little help while writing a required letter. But, in this post of my site I want present a brief step by step information about writing a good formal letter application. I hope it will enough for your requirement.

The most necessary thing for writing a formal letter is layout of the letter. Check the format of formal letter before starting your letter. The recommended size of letter is A4 size paper.

The most performed communication for sending a formal letter is by email. Sending by postal you will require the correct organization address to send one.

Students of class 3,4,5,6,7,8 may require to write formal letter application to Principal for leave or for learning purpose and to complete assignment for class 9, 10th, 11, 12.

Most popular educational institute provide format to students to write according to rule such as formal letter format for CBSE and O level students.

Writing a formal letter in English you can easily find several Sample from internet but you required formal letter format in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu or Bengali and Kannada. For writing formal different language you need to learn how to make the letter. I highly recommend to see format of letter for before writing one.

Let’s know how to write a formal letter by knowing the following easy methods.

1. How to start a formal letter?

Every letter formal or informal write for a purpose. Check formal letter writing rules before writing one.

A. Heading Of Formal Letter:

Make a heading on the upper and central of the paper. It will help recipient to quickly understand the purpose of your letter.

B. Address:

Salutation is the basic requirements of every type of formal letter. It generally contains three things

  • Recipient Name
  • Institute existing place
  • Current date of Written letter

C. Provide Sender Address:

A formal letter can’t be anonymous
You must need to put sender address in the letter.

Mr. Nathan
Supervisor of established branch

D. Subject Of A Formal Letter

Subject is a purpose of your letter it will let your recipient to clearly understand the reason of writing your formal letter application.

Subject: Request for the issuance of driving license.

Subj: Request for to highlight the regular difficulties of community due to the under construction road.

2. Body Of Formal Letter

Starting of formal letter is a hard nut and bolt step most of people face confusion for starting a formal letter. Here you will see a list of most useful starting letter sentence in order to assist you for writing a formal letter as you required.

Think again before start writing the letter you keep three things in your mind to mention in the letter

  • The tone and manner
  • Purpose of Writing
  • Request for recommendations

The first thing is how to make starting paragraph to request for aim of writing the letter.

See the following example,

Generally most of formal application start with greetings,

Dear Sir / Madam

Dear Mr. Dravid

Note: Student should write “Respected Sir” as greeting.

A. 1st Paragraph:

The rule of composing a formal letter is with polite tone whether it’s is complain, order or request letter.


I am writing this to let you know that,

I want to inform you by this formal letter that,

I am writing this letter to complain,

I want to inform you about the poor service,

Note: students should start formal letter with “Respectfully Or Most Respectfully”.

B. 2nd Paragraph

Reason is your aim of writing a letter to your recipient. I highly recommend you to put your reason in a unique and understandable manner to quickly fulfill your requirement. A simple and purposeful reason of writing a request formal letter can’t be denied.

For example,

I want to submit my request in you kinds that, the construction of road (add place name or location) is stopped. The recent rainfall has caused several difficulties for our community specially for motorcyclist and also for old and childs.

C. 3rd paragraph

If you are writing letter for request to your senior you will need to add a request for your request letter approval

In case you need to write letter for complain you will require to add solution of your faced problem in the third paragraph.

For Example,

I hereby request in your high rank that kindly, continue construction process in our area.

3. Closing The formal letter application

Closing of letter with a attractive thanks note is a most believed tricks of request approval. See given below closing formal letter example,

A. Thanking Note:

I will be obliged for your kind and support

I highly thankful for understanding and waiting for your quick response.

B. Complimentary Closing Letter:

Obediently Yours!

Mr. Sender Name

Sender Signature

2+ Most Useful Formal Letter Format, Writing Example And Sample

Before writing a formal letter you should be aware of formal letter writing standard procedure. On the other hand you can get a perfect Information by viewing a specific format.

1. Formal Letter format for Employee

Sender Name


Postal Address


Institute Address

Current Date

Subject: An advance two notification of my resignation

Dear Mr / Mrs (Name)

I would like to bring in your notice that finally have decided to resign from position (your current job position). Effective on (date). My last day day of workplace will be (date).

I am so thankful for all cooperative team of office and also I am obliged for all of support and motivation that I have entertained during my position. I will pay full of my attentions to complete the ongoing project and duties. Kindly promote any other employee so that I can hand over office charge timely.

Thanks a lot again for for support and kindness you have provided me.

Sincerely Yours!



2. Formal Letter Format For Student


(Student Name)

(Roll No & Class)



(School Name)

(School Address)

(School Place)

Subject: Request letter for leave of absence.

Respected Sir,

It is respectfully stated that, I did remain absence from school from (date) to (date) due an emergency in my family. My father had an road accident that left in hospital for couple of days.

I therefore, Request in your kind to excuse my absence day and let me chance to study.

Your Sincerely Student

Student Name

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