Informal Letter Writing Format & Topic | For Class 8, 9, 10 Students

Informal Letter format: An Informal Letter is completely a unofficial letter and people’s use to write such letters to maintain their social and personal relationships.

Basically people’s write informal letter for personal matters like to ask, inform personal news or for inviting their friends for birthday, marriage functions etc. Thus the writer don’t need to follow any specific format or structure.

Informal letter formats and examples are most useful for class 6,7, 8, 9th and 10th class students for leaning, completing their school assignments and also for exam preparation.

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Format of informal Letter

How To Write An Informal Letter | Step By Guide with 20+ Example Letter

The most common thing in every type of informal letter is sender and recipient address.

A.) Beginning:

Most of such letters start from greetings as.

For Example,

“Lovely friend”, “dear sister” or “lovely mother / Father” and “Assalam Alikum”.

You don’t require to begin you letter by any standard language. It’s completely depends on you write it short or long in and language like English, Urdu, Hindi.

The size of letter is also not specific you can make your letter on your will short or long.

B. Body:

You are writing informal letter to share your personal things, news so, it will depend upon you to decide the length of letter. For completing your school assignment, notes are solving a examination question, you will direly need to careful about punctuation and Crammer and the length too.

A good Informal letter should be point to the topic. For example if you are writing a letter to your friend to congratulate him on his success in examination then you should write a encouragement note besides congratulations and at the end also a praying sentence.

C.) Closing:

It is very to gives closing Remarks to your letter if, you are writing an informal letter to your mother just close it with these words,

For Example,

Your obediently son,


Your loving son,

And if you want to write letter to your friend the closing Remarks will be,

For Example,

You’re Truly Friend,


Your faithfully friend,

And if the letter addressed to teacher.

For Example,

Your sincerely

20+ Informal Letter Sample | Writing Guide & Topics For Students

As the letter is informal so you should not worry about specific pattern you may need to see formats for writing way or for learning purpose.

Format 01: Write An Informal letter to father to demand some money for books

Dear Father,

I am alright and I pray your for your better health. I am paying my full attention on my study. All the teachers are co operative and are doing best to taught us.

Although our class teacher has suggested some books for upcoming exam preparation. In this regards need some money at least (rupees)  to buy.

I will try my best to live up your expectations.

Kindly acknowledge my best condition with mother and spread love to little sister behalf mine.

Your son,

Mr. Name

Format 02: Write An Informal letter to father asking about mother’s health.

Dear Father

I am good and I am praying for mother’s health. I always worry about mother’s health. Suddenly increasing in her blood pressure is extremely bad for her health. Kindly emphasize her to take doctor’s prescribed medicine on the right time.

Our school vacation are scheduled on (date). When I will come I’ll take take full care of her health. Kindly convey me the latest physician statement about her health.

Your obediently son,


Format 03: Write An Informal Letter to friend for congratulate him on his success in exam.

Dear friend,

I can’t share the limit of my happiness when I got knew about that you achieved the top position in school. Congratulations to you!

I already know about your hardworking and determination. By winning this position you have proved it clear to every one that, you are really a intelligent student.

It is just beginning but a good start can is a symbol of success. I hope our prayers with smart expectations will lead to toward success of life.

Congratulations again behalf of my family.

Your truly friend


Formal and informal letter format

Format: 4. Write an informal letter to your father, informing him about your progress in studies.

My Ideal Father,

We have holiday; So, I can’t find a better for replying your kind letter.

Our first quarterly test was held in the last week of June. and we have got back all our papers. You will be very glad to hear I have got nearly 80% marks in all subjects. But don’t think that I am satisfied I am working very hard and assure you that I will 95% marks in the Annual Examination. I have made up my mind break all the pervious records in the coming Secondary School Examination I only require your blessing.

All my teachers give me extra time. Our English Teachers has given me some books for extra study. He assures me that I shall succeed in my mission, if I act upon his advice. With love and best wishes,

Your loving son


Format: 5. Write a informal letter to your father, reminding him of his promise to give you a prize on your passing the School Exam.

My dear Father

You surely have seen my seat number in the list of success ful candidates published in today’s “Jang”. But you will be very glad to know that I have secured 660 marks and placed in the A grade.

I am sure you have not forgotten your promise to buy me a cycle, when I pass the examination. May I request you to be kind enough to send me a cycle.

Brother has asked to join the Degree College, but I wish to join Public School Hyderabad. Now, Please let me know your opinion. Anyhow, if I am to join the Degree college, the cycle will be of great service to me. As the College is situated at a distance of four miles from home.

With best wishes and love.

Your lovingly son

Format: 6. Write a informal letter to your father, requesting him to buy you a new bike.

My dear father,

I hope you are quite hale and hearty at home. In this letter I want to make a request. My school is four miles away from my residence. I have to go on foot. The school opens at 8 a.m. I am often late for school. Thus my studies suffer a lot. At noon the sun is very hot. I am feeling very troubles to walk four miles in the scorching heat. I feel dead tired when I get home. I feel that I should fall ill. If I get a bike, I shall be very relieved. I am sure you will buy me a bike as early as possible. It will make me punctual and at the same time it will save my time.

Your Loving son.


Format: 07. Write a an informal letter to your father, asking him to send you some money.

My dear father,

Your kind and loving letter was received by me yesterday. I feel ashamed of demanding more and more money from you. But I am helpless. I assure you that I don’t waste even a single paisa, and spend whatever is necessary. You send me Rs. 1000/- in the beginning of this month. A friend of mine, whose father was ill, requested me to lend him 500/- rupees for his father’s treatment. I could not disappoint him. I have to buy two books, a pair of cricket boots,. For these immediate needs, kindly send me at least Rs. 2000/-.

I am getting on quite well with my studies and I am sure that I will pass the examination with flying colours. Hoping to receive money very soon.

Your loving son.

Anwar Ali,

Format: 08. Write an informal letter to your younger brother advising him to take greater inter est in studies.

My dear Anwar,


I have received a letter from your class teacher. He reports that you move in a bad company and have grown slack in homework. He further states that you are irregular in attendance and even slip away from the class. All this is indeed very shocking to me.

Father will be very angry if he comes to know all this. He is working hard to make both ends meet. This is yet time for you to mend your ways. You must work hard and try to please us as well as teachers. I expect a better report from you next time.

With best wishes,

Yours lovingly,


Format: 09. Write an informal letter to your cousin telling him how you are getting on at school.

My Dear Ameen,

Many thanks for your letter of the 13th instant. Really I am happy to learn that uncle has recovered from his illness and has med his duties again.

You have asked me how I am getting on at the new school Well dear, I am getting on quite well. The school building is situated a healthy locality outside the city. All my class-fellows belong to respectable families. They are polite and helpful to me. I am passing my days in the hostel quite comfortably.

The warden of the Hostel is a sympathetic man. He look upon me as his own son. Our headmaster and teachers are good-natured and efficient. They have our betterment at heart.

I hope to do well in the annual examination. I am considered to be one of the best boys of the class.

With respects to uncle and aunt,

Your affectionately,

Abdul Salam

Format: 10. Write an informal letter to father, asking permission to go with a friend to his village during the Summer Vacation.


My dear Father,

Perhaps you know that our school will break up on 1st July and I have to start for home on the evening for the same day. But Tahir who is my best friend, has invited me to go with him to his village for a few days.

He is so kind and helpful to me that I don’t want to disappoint him. The atmosphere of his village is very pleas ant. I am sure it will have a wholesome effect on my health.

I, therefore, request you to allow me to pass the first half of summer vacation with him in his village. I assure you that I won’t waste my time there. I hope you won’t turn down my request. With kind regards for mother,

Your loving son,

Your Name

Format: 11. Write an informal letter to your cousin, describing your recent illness and the medical treatment you received.


My dear Aamir,

Thank you very much for your letter of the 10th instant. You will be glad to know that I am recovering from my illness and hope to be all right within a week or so.

On the 25th of February, I had a sudden attack of fever. Pr. Ali was sent for on the 26th. He gave me a medicine, but it did me no good. My father called in Doctor Anwar.

He told my father that I was suffering from typhoid. He directed me not to leave my bed and to live on milk. He gave me two injections. But the doctor told them that there was nothing to fear.

Now my temperature is 98.4. i.e. normal. But I am too weak to move about. I am still taking milk.. But the doctor says that he will allow me to take some light diet within two or three days. I am still confined to bed, but, thank God, I am o.k. Please pray to God for my speedy recovery.

Pay my compliments to uncle and aunt.

Yours lovingly.

Aslam Ali

Format: 12. Write an informal letter to your elder brother thanking him for the gift of Rs. 500.

My dear Brother.

I was very glad to receive Rs. 500 from you by money order this morning, on the occasion of my passing the Secondary School Examination. I am very thankful to you for giving me the prize for standing first in my school. I am very proud of the honour you have done.

I have decided to make the best use of those money. I shall buy a copy of my favorite book. I have learnt that this is the best Translation available in the market. I have also decided to give Rs. 100 to a class-fellow of mine who is an orphan and is very poor.

Kindly pay my respects to all at home.

Yours affectionately,

Mohammed Ali.

Format: 13. write an informal letter to your father, requesting him to send you a camera.


My Dear Father,

Thank you very much for your letter of the 5th instant. My joy knew to bounds when I read that you have recovered. You know that photography is my favourite hobby and I am

very fond of taking of natural scenery and phenomena. Some of my class-fellows are going of visit a historical place. I have also decided to go with hem. You had once promised to buy me a camera. I hope, that you will send me the promised camera so I may take some snapshots of the natural scenery of the hills,

With best regards,

Your Loving son,

Your name

Format: 14. Write an informal letter to your brother, telling him how you have fared in the last school-test.

My dear Brother,

Thank you for your letter. Our first quarterly test commenced on the 1st of June and lasted up to the 12th. I have done all my papers very well. I hope to get at least 85% marks in all subjects Our Mathematics Paper was a bit difficult and despite my best efforts, I could do three sums.

Both the papers of English were easy and I did all questions well. English Papers were easy and I did all questions well. Paper in Urdu was also very easy, and I am sure that I shall get good marks in it.

I am quite at home in Physics and I did all the questions very well. Although I am well-versed in problems unfortunately I got confused and had to leave two questions unattempted. Nevertheless I shall secure a good position in the class.

Kindly pray for my brilliant success,

Your affectionate Brother,
Your Name

Format: 15. Write an informal letter to your younger brother, On bad report.

My dear Athar,


I am all right and and hoping same for you,

Father informed me that your school report of the First Terminal Examination was not as satisfactory as I expected it. How could you show better results? You were always busy with your hockey when I was at home during the last summer vacation.

A boy who is given so much to playing, is not supposed to fare better in his studies. I don’s mean that you should give up hockey altogether. But I advise you, in your own interest, to attend to thing at their proper time.

If you play hockey in the evening and attend to your work regularly for three hours, you will surely do much better in the next examination.

You should not forget that father is a poor man. You should not waste his money. I trust you will spare no effort to show better results in the final examination.

Yours lovingly,

Your Name

Format: 16. Write an informal letter to your father, to appoint a tutor for you.


Dear Father,

You will be surprised to read this letter of mine. I know that I have not fared well in the quarterly Test. I have badly failed in Mathematics and physics. I am in a fix to know how to make up my deficiency in these subjects. The Secondary School Examination is quite at hand. I am really much worried and this care will kill me.

I am burning the midnight oil these days. I devote as much as possible to my studies. In spite of all the care that I have exercised, I would like to request you to appoint a tutor for me for Mathematics and physics. I shall work hard under the guidance of an efficient teacher.

With love to all the members of my family,

Yours lovingly


Format: 17. Write a letter to your father telling him how you enjoyed the spring holi days at your friends’s village.


Dear Papa,

I reached my friends’s village on April 25, , at the invitation of my friend (friend name). His elder brother led me to this village. The whole family was very glad to see me among them.

They treated me as their own kith and kin. Ever since I came here my friend’s’s mother looks after me very nicely. She is a very kind old lady and is respected by all the family. Although she is illiterate She manages the house-hold affairs wonderfully, She has a sweet temper and charming personality.

The village stands on the bank of a canal and has a very pleasant climate: A stream flows quite close it. We go to its bank every evening and morning. We enjoy swimming and fishing every day.

I got your permission to stay here only for a week, but my friend’s father and mother do not wish that I should leave so soos. They have persuaded me to request you to allow me to stay here up to the end of this month. I hope you will permit me to comply with their wishes. With love and best regards,

Your loving son,

Your Name

Format: 18. Write A letter to your father, for permission to change school

My dear Father.


I have been feeling very sad and lonely ever since you left me here. I don’t understand why you get me admitted to this school This school might have enjoyed a good reputation in the past, but now-a-days it is one of the worst institutions.

During the last two months three English teachers have been transferred and none has come to fill their place. Our teachers are quite inexperienced and they don’t know the method of teaching. Our Science Master is a terror for the boys. He is doing us a great deal of harm.

There is no arrangement for evening games. A majority of the students are uncivil, On the other hand, Government number one High School enjoys a good reputation.

All the teachers of that school are very efficient and hardworking. There is a very good arrangements for evening games. I would, therefore, request you to allow me to leave this school and join the Government No:1 High School.

I hope will not turn down my request. With best compliments to mother and love to Maria.

Your loving son,

Format: 19. Write an informal letter to your elder sister telling her about your new school.


My dear Sister,

You will be glad to know that I have joined the Government High School. This school lies at a distance of two miles from uncle’s house. Its building is very grand. It is equipped with furniture. The library is very big and contains books on all topics. All the rooms are very airy and-well lighted. Every room has electric fan.

The teachers are very efficient and hardworking. They are very sympathetic. Our Headmaster is a great scholar. He is good disciplinarian and is respected by all. All my class-fellows belong to respectable families. They are polite and well-behaved, I like them very much.

There is a very good arrangement for games. In short, it is one of the best schools of Sindh.

Your loving brother,

Format: 20. Write a letter to elder brother telling him how you hope to fare in the Annual Examination.


My dear brother,

Your kind letter came to hand yesterday. You know well that I always act upon your advice. I am working very hard now a-days. Even I have given up playing games.

I have been working regularly according to a set pro gramme. I have revised all my books twice. I can, therefore, say with certainty that I will get through the examination in the first division. I was weak in physics. But I have make up deficiency in this subject with the help of my Science teacher. He is very kind to me. You need not worry.

Your loving brother.

Your Name

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