Informal Letter Format | How To Write An Informal Letter To Friend

Informal Letter format: An Informal Letter is completely a unofficial letter and people’s use to write such letters to maintain their social and personal relationships.

Basically people’s write informal letter for personal matters like to ask, inform personal news or for inviting their friends for birthday, marriage functions etc. Thus the writer don’t need to follow any specific format or structure.

Informal letter formats and examples are most useful for Students for leaning, completing their school assignments and also for exam preparation.

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Topic For Informal Letter

  • Invitation letter to friend
  • Letter to father asking about mother’s health
  • Letter to friend for reminding him something
  • Letter to friend for returning your books
  • Letter to father for informing him about your success in exam
  • Birthday letter to friend
  • Letter to mother to her about your holiday trip
  • Congratulations letter

Format of Informal letters

How To Write A Best Informal Letter

The most common thing in every type of informal letter is sender and recipient address.

A.) Beginning Informal Letter:

Most of such letters start from greetings as.

For Example,

“Lovely friend”, “dear sister” or “lovely mother / Father” and “Assalam Alikum”.

You don’t require to begin you letter by any standard language. It’s completely depends on you write it short or long in and language like English, Urdu, Hindi.

The size of letter is also not specific you can make your letter on your will short or long.

B. Body Of Informal Letter:

You are writing informal letter to share your personal things, news so, it will depend upon you to decide the length of letter. For completing your school assignment, notes are solving a examination question, you will direly need to careful about punctuation and Crammer and the length too. A good Informal letter should be point to the topic. For example if you are writing a letter to your friend to congratulate him on his success in examination then you should write a encouragement note besides congratulations and at the end also a praying sentence.

C.) Closing of Informal letter:

It is very to gives closing Remarks to your letter if, you are writing an informal letter to your mother just close it with these words,

For Example,

Your obediently son,


Your loving son,

And if you want to write letter to your friend the closing Remarks will be,

For Example,

You’re Truly Friend,


Your faithfully friend,

And if the letter addressed to teacher.

For Example,

Your sincerely

3 Best Informal Letter Format | Sample Informal Letters

As the letter is informal so you should not worry about specific pattern you may need to see formats for writing way or for learning purpose.

Format 01: Write An Informal letter to father to demand some money for books

I am alright and I pray your for your better health. I am paying my full attention on my study. All the teachers are co operative and are doing best to taught us.

Although our class teacher has suggested some books for upcoming exam preparation. In this regards need some money at least (rupees)  to buy.

I will try my best to live up your expectations.

Kindly acknowledge my best condition with mother and spread love to little sister behalf mine.

Your son,

Mr. Name

Format 02: Write An Informal letter to father asking about mother’s health.

I am good and I am praying for mother’s health. I always worry about mother’s health. Suddenly increasing in her blood pressure is extremely bad for her health. Kindly emphasize her to take doctor’s prescribed medicine on the right time.

Our school vacation are scheduled on (date). When I will come I’ll take take full care of her health. Kindly convey me the latest physician statement about her health.

Your obediently son,


Format 03: Write An Informal Letter to friend for congratulate him on his success in exam.

Dear friend,

I can’t share the limit of my happiness when I got knew about that you achieved the top position in school. Congratulations to you!

I already know about your hardworking and determination. By winning this position you have proved it clear to every one that, you are really a intelligent student.

It is just beginning but a good start can is a symbol of success. I hope our prayers with smart expectations will lead to toward success of life.

Congratulations again behalf of my family.

Your truly friend


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