Leave Application for Fever | Sample For School & Office

Leave letter for school principal for fever or an office leave application to boss for fever, there is a bit difference between both two kinds of Application format.

Both students and employee are entitled for asking leave in case of fever. Nowadays flu and fever are the top symptoms of ongoing pandemic COVID-19. So that school and office police for asking leave is changed now in case of feeling fever a student or a employee should ask for leave minimum for three day. Or he should wait until his fully health recovery. In any season specially due to the sudden change in weather it cause miner disease like flu fever.

Both school and office for taking even a day absence without permission is prohibited for maintaining the school college and office rules. For an office employee it is hard to ask for leave because of fever but good written leave Application letter for fever obviously will increase the chance of leave approval.

Following sample Application format school, college and office for fever are helpful for taking leave for one, two and three days due to fever.

Leave letter for fever

Sample Leave Application to Principal due to  Fever


The Principal,

XYZ High School,
Date: 14/04/2021

Subject: Request Application for two day leave due to fever.

Honorable Sir, Madam,

It is respectfully submitted that, I ( Student Name & Class) having roll no 15. I am suffering from fever since last night. It seems as if that fever is not going away at all, soy father want to rush me to hospital.

Therefore I, am unable to attend my school classes for next three days. I hope you will understand my situation will grant me leave for next 03 days from (date) to ( date).

I would be thankful to you for your support.

Sincerely Yours

Student Name
Date: 14 April 2021

Fever Leave application Sample By Student To Teacher


The Class Teacher,

XYZ Public School,
Date: 8th March 2021

Subject: Leave letter for School Due to Fever

With great respect and gratitude I want to inform you that I am suffering from fever since last evening. I visited hospital last night with my father for treatment, where doctor has prescribed a medicine course and also physician urged for complete bed while using medicine on the time.

In this regard, I am writing this Request leave letter on account of my illness fever for next three days. Kindly approve my Request for leave.

Obediently Yours

Students Name
Class 2
Roll no 14

Sample Office Leave Application for Fever.

Date: 24 March


The Manager,

Institute Name:
Institute Address:

Subject: Leave Request Application For One Day From Office Due To Fever.

Dear Sir,

It is humbly submitted that I ( Your Name) working as ( your job title) under your command. I am writing this Request leave letter for one day leave. I have developed symptoms fever last night. I visited the hospital for treatment and doctor has prescribed some relaxation tablets for quick health recovery.

For this reason I am unable to come at workplace. Kindly allow me one day leave on the account of my unwell health.

Thanking you.

Employee Name
Contact Info

One day Leave Letter Request due to Fever

Writing a letter for sick leave is an art, and it is easy to become good at it with practice. The attached letter requests leave because of a fever. In addition to the case mentioned in the letter, this letter can be used in other cases as well. The reason for leave can also be edited for use in other related situations.

(Write your name here),
(your standard),
(Your School Name).


The Class Teacher,
(your standard),
(Your School Name).

Respected Sir/Madam,

During the next four days, I will be unable to attend classes due to a viral fever. Allow me to take the time off between (start date) and (end date). During this period, I also request your forgiveness for my absence for School Day Practice.

Thank You.

Yours Obediently,

(your signature)

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