Leave Application For Office For Personal Reason | 4+ Sample

Application for leave from office for a personal reason to the boss or company manager, format and sample you will find here with short and easy Application temple.

Leave Application for a personal reason or work is hard to say to your boss because you might not be eligible or don’t want to show your reason. A personal reason might be a family reason. Anyway, an employee is entitled to take casual leave from the office for personal reasons.

Leave letter for personal reason


Sample leave application for office for personal reason

Here below I am going to show you the best Application format for the office. You copy-paste paste and download these samples for your personal use.

1. One Day Leave Application For Office For Personal Reason

You can ask for leave from your manager without showing your reason if it is a personal or family reason but it must be a genuine reason to strengthen your character in the eyes of your boss.

Recipient Name,
HR Manager,
Company Name,
Company Address,
Place Or Town

05 April 2021

Subject: Leave application for personal reasons.

Dear Sir, / Respected Sir,

It Is respectfully Expressed that I ( Your Name) working as ( Your Job Title) under your command. I have required one day leave for a personal family reason

In this regard, I request you for a day’s leave on ( date). I assure you I will complete my pending work on the day.

Thanking You,
You Full Name

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2. Short Leave Application sample For Office For Personal Reason

Dear Sir/Mam,

It is for your kind information that I am (your name) working as ( your job title) in your company / under your command.

I am writing this Request letter for two days’ leave from the office for a personal reason that I am facing in the family. In this situation, I have required the next two days’ leave from the office to resolve my family problem.

Kindly grant me leave for above mention reason. I assure you I will complete all of the pending work during my absence.

Thanking gratitude towards you.

Thanking you,
Your Good Name

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3. Leave Mail For Office For Personal Reason

Subject: Application for Leave for personal work.

Dear (Mr. Ahtisham)

I am composing this request letter for leave for a personal property reason that I have been facing for a few days.

I have to leave the city today and go to my village to resolve the issue. In this regard, I have required ( days ) leave from off the ice. Kindly approve my request and grant leave. I have discussed with ( co-worker name), who will drive my work during my absence days.

Thanking You.
You Name
Contact No.

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