Leave Application For School & College [ 16 Samples & Writing Guide]

Leave application for School and College Principal and school teacher format are given here with important writing tips and guidelines. You will find here step by step information about how to write application for school leave in English and Hindi.

The school and college procedure for taking leave is that, the student of every class 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6 7, 8 9, 10th even college students and their teachers would have to write leave letter for school principal or headmaster to notify the reason of their absence from school.

In every situation, student must mention the genuine reason of taking leave clearly. Every understudy is entitled to write an Application For Sick Leave in case of any kind of health issue.

Leave Application for school

If a student who couldn’t write an application for leave in advance due any emergency situation, like death in family, grandma, or relative death then student need to submit a leave of absence application before joining his school.

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How To Write An Application For Leave In School Or College

The most common reason of writing an application for school one day or few days leave is “urgent work”. While writing a leave application due to Important student should write the doctor advice about his health to take rest for (x) days.

Another most observed reason for asking leave is going to outstation to visit village, festival or going to Holly temple for puja.

In likewise situation student may require leave for two, three or four days even one week. While writing this type of leave application student must clear the days of required leave period.

If a student who granted leave from school for two day and he still require more day then student can write leave application after taken leave or leave extension application to principal.

Why To Write A Leave Application For School Principal Or School Teacher?

It is a proper and necessary method to notify the principal or class teacher that due to some reason understudy will unable to attend school classes for next (X) days.

As we are not robot, break is a part of study. There can be many reasons of leave to take a short break from school.

For example,

  • For going to out of station.
  • For urgent work
  • Going to native village.
  • For family function.
  • Application for leave extension.
  • To attend sister, brother, uncle and relatives marriage ceremony.
  • For religious festival
  • Due to the death of family member or relative

In case of taking leave from school due to the any above mentioned reason student need to write a leave letter to school principal.

Different Types Of Application Format

A student might require four kinds of leave along with study to fulfill his personal, causal and family relatives works. Similarly, organizations has authority to approve his leave request.

  • Leave Application For Office
  • Sick Leave Email For Office
  • Application For Marriage Leave
  • Vacation Leave Application
  • Application For Half Day Leave
  • Sick Leave Application For School By Parents By Parents

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An Overview Of What Is A Leave Application For School? It’s Reasons And Importance

School leave letter is a basic requirement of students to get leave from school to attend marriage ceremony, family function, going out of city, visit native village, festivals and for several other reasons.

A student forward his solicitation for getting leave from school for required days by submitting such a letter to headmaster.

Leave from school is an essential right of every single student. An understudy may require leave for a few reasons besides his study, urgent work, personal reason, for sister’s, brother’s, cousin’s sister marriage and may be for uncle wedding. In every situation students must provide the reason for leave even for a early (half day) leave.

1. In Case Of Emergency

Sometimes student required leave due to any unforeseen situations like death of family member or close relatives death ie, grandfather, uncle death.

Student can inform the school principal via leave application letter in case of doctors appointment in hospital due to students medical like eye check-up, jaundice operation. For such a serious  health issues, student might require leave for 10 day or 15 day even 1 month. Students must produce a medical note at time of rejoining the school.

2. Leave After Taking Leave

A student can also submit leave application letter to school principal after taking leave or leave extension request letter. You will find here many kinds of leave letter templates and example.

3. In Case Of Emergency Or Family Member Death Or Covid-19 Lockdown?

Leave of absence letter for school is required when a student remain absence in school due to any emergency or health issues. Now a day a Student might be absence from school due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Don’t worry about this if you could send leave letter to your school teacher due to emergency health problem. It can be happen because of your mother delivery or mother / father illness. Here you would see, leave of absence letter sample by student and by parents.

School authority announce vacation leave in every study year but probably any student couldn’t manage his vacation during the announced period because of his parents engagement. Before going to plan your vacation holidays aboard you might need leave in school for visa renewal.

If you want to write a leave application letter to principal for vacation, follow our written application formats and pdf.

4. School Leave Application Policy

It’s depend upon your school policy to write leave letter in English, Urdu or Hindi. Procedure of writing the letter is bit different in every language such as, to write leave l letter in Tamil, in Kannada, in Telugu, in Malayalam.

Basic guidance to write a leave letter for school

Significant Tips To Compose One Day Leave Application For School

Read these important tips and guidelines to write an effective leave application to school principal.

  1. Principal Of Application- Leave application is a formal letter It is necessary to write it according to the procedure.
  2. Short And Purposeful- An application is basically a request letter. Write it short and to the point. Don’t write long sentences. Only focus on recipient requirements.
  3. Moral Accent- Write your letter with well mannered tone and make greeting with respectable words.
  4. Apply With A Clear Reason- Your reason represent your request mention it clear.
  5. Mention Require Leave Period- Student should write needed leave period in order to clear due date of reporting at school.
  6. Say Thanks- Don’t forget to add a thanking note.
  7. Reread Your Application- Review your application in order to avoid grammar and punctuation errors.

7 Brilliant Points To Take In Notice While Writing A Leave Application For School In English

  1. Write with decent sympathetic words over all the letter.
  2. Choose an polite tone sentence to start your request letter.
  3. Don’t be confused to request for leave as leave from school for any reason is your right.
  4. Try to write your letter on a single paper and direct your communication to the point.
  5. Check the format to write your letter according to procedure.
  6. Read your written letter again and children’s should contact their parents in order to check spelling and punctuation errors.
  7. Make at least two paragraphs in the body of leave letter. First to describe your reason and second for leave request.


  • Avoid informal words.
  • Write your leave letter on a single paper.
  • Don’t over write on leave letter written paper.

What Must Mention In School Leave Letter?

Following are main things must include in leave application for writing a best application for leave.

  • Salutation.
  • Your school address.
  • Subject of your application.
  • Reason of required leave.
  • Put numbers of required leave period.
  • Write a thanks note for leave approval.
  • Your Address.
  • Current date.

Scroll down, here are sample leave application letter to school principal or class teacher by student. You can also save leave letter Pdf. Let’s read some word format application samples.

Sample Leave Letter For School By Student

In case of any urgent work a student may require leave for one or two days to complete his important piece of work. Student must have to submit leave application to concerned school teacher.

Student also need to learn rule and procedure of writing a leave application letter for exam preparation.

Below here is a unique leave application sample for student. School and college students can send this type of letter via email.

The Principal/Class Teacher
The East Indian School
Biswanath Charli, Assam, India

Subject: Leave application for a day.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With respectfully, my humbly request is that I, would not be able to attend my regular school classes tomorrow because I have an impotent piece of work at my home.

Therefore, kindly grant me leave for one day tomorrow’s date (D/M/Y).

I Shall be obliged for your support.

Obediently yours,
Class 5 A
20 January 2020

One Day Leave Letter by Student Due to urgent piece of work

Student usually require leave for one day from school to complete their important piece of work. Below is a format for one day leave application for students due to urgent work at home.


The Principal,
Garden High School,
(Kolkata, West Bengal),

Subject: Request one day leave for Urgent Piece of work.

Respected sir/Madam,

With due respect, I beg to state that, I am a student of class 8th B in your school. I have required one day leave because of a piece of work in the city. I need to accompany with my grandma for shopping regarding to upcoming wedding in my family.

Kindly, allow me leave for one day (date).

I shall be obliged to you.

Yours Obediently,
Class 8th (B), Roll No.34

Leave Letter Sample For Going To Village

Visit outside places with parents is obviously fun full trip for child Students. A student might require leave for one, two, three or four days leave from school for going to visit native place, village, temple, tirupati, puja. The period of desired leave may be depend upon the destination of their tour.

The Principal/Class Teacher
Indian School Of Excellence
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Subject: Request for two days leave for going to native place.

Honorable Sir/Madam,

With respectfully, my humble request is that, I want to go with my mother to grandma home at her village to attend a marriage ceremony. Because of this, I have required two days leave from 24 Jan to 25 Jan.

Taking above given reason in your kind views, kindly permit me requested leave period so that, I can visit my mother’s native place.

I Shall be thankful for your kindness.

Sincerely yours,
Class 6 A
23 January 2020

Leave Application To Principal For Two Days Leave From School

Writing school application for leave for going out of city it is necessary to put city name and also mention the purpose of going outside. For example if you are going to attend marriage ceremony the applicant should write this reason for taking leave from school.

At the some point of time student need to go native place to attend family function. In any case student should mention both place name and reason of going to outside.

The Principal
Bawa-lalwani Public School,
(Kapurthala Punjab),

Subject: Request for one day leave.

Respected sir/Madam,

With due regard, I would like to inform you that, I am Mr. Rohit Sharma student of class six, my roll number is 45. I want to go with mother to our native place at village due to some important work. So, I can’t attend my class today.

For this, kindly grant me two days leave.

I will be obliged to you.

Rohit Sharma

Sample School Leave Letter For Family Trip


The Principal/Class Teacher
Indian School Of Science & Technology
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Subject: Request leave application for three days.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Most respectfully, I am Mr. Rajesh father of Rahul studying in class 7th in your school. I have been sanctioned 06 days causal leave and I am planning to visit outside by train journey with my whole family. For this, I want on you to allow three days leave from 02 February to 04 February instant for my child.

I hope you would acquiesce my apology for above mentioned leave period for my son.

Feeling great anticipation toward you.

Rajesh Kumar
23 January 2020

Two Days Leave Application For School Principal By Parents

Sometimes student can’t continue his study in school due to fever. Student or his parents must inform the school authority by sending an application for absence in school due to high fever.

Fever leave application must contain the required leave period. In case of long leave required a physician written note will also required at time of rejoining.


The Principal/Class Teacher
Little flower high school
Chirag Ali Lane, Abids, Hyderabad

Subject: Request for one day leave due to fever.

Honorable Sir/Madam,

With respectfully, I beg to state that I, am burning in high fever since last evening. My mother had called for doctor for further treatment. So I am unable to attend my school classes for next two days from (date) to (date).

I this circumstance, kindly grant me leave for two day. In case of required extra days leave I will inform you.

I would be thankful for your consideration.

Faithfully Yours,
Haresh Ram
Class 8th B
14 February 2020

Sample Leave Application For School Due To Emergency

The Headmaster / Principal,
APS School,
(Nankana Punjab),

Subject: Request for one day leave due to fever.

Most respectfully, I would like to state that, I am a student of Class 9th A in your school. I have had a fever since last night. Therefore, I am going to doctor.

For this, I am not in better condition to attend my classes today. Kindly, sanction me leave for one day.

I shall be thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,
Class 9th (B), Roll No. 23

Sample Leave Of Absence Letter For School

Leave of absence application is basically a letter by student, he need to send when he couldn’t attend school due to fever or any unforeseen reason.

Suppose a student who was absence yesterday from school because of fever or health issue or because of his mother’s illness, he can write past leave or leave of absence application to his Principal.

David Albert
Class 9th
21 February 2020

The Principal
The Brilliant School
New Paris Hilton Road UK

Subject: Leave of absence.

Respected Sir/Madam,

consciously, I beg to say that, I could not attend my regular classes yesterday because, I was suffering from migraine pain and fever. I will make my best efforts today to learn missing lessons with the help of my class fellow.

Along theses lines, your are humbly requested to excuse my absence.

Expressing anticipation toward you.


Sample Application For Absent In School

Respected Sir,

I would like to inform you that, I couldn’t attend my regular classes for last two days because my father was shifting our apartment.

We were facing rent issue with landlord so, we had to shift our home in urgent. For this, I couldn’t send an application for leave in advance.

I therefore request you kindly excuse me my absence days from school.

Thanking you,

Faithfully Yours!,

Class 5 Roll No 24

Leave Application By Student To Class Teacher

While writing application to school teacher a student should write a salutation as ” The CLass Teacher”.

Start every para with first capital letter. Child understudy of class 1, class 2, and class 3 can write his school name as Government “primary school” ” “Nursery School” or “KG School”.

The Class Teacher
The Senior Study School,
(Amritsar Punjab),

Subject: Request for two days leave for personal work.

Respected sir/Madam,

With due regard, I ask to express that, I am an understudy in Class 7th B in your school. I have required a day leave because I have to go airport with my parents to see off my uncle who is going to aboard.

In this way, I wouldn’t be able to attend my classes tomorrow. Generously, permit me leave for one day (date).

I will be obliged to you.

Yours Obediently,
Amber Shamim
Class 7th (B), Roll No. 33

Sample Leave Request Application For School Due To Death In Family

Student compose an application for leave from school in event of death of any family member or close relative.

In order to send an application due to the death, student should mention their relationship with the passed one. For example, if you need to write leave application for grandma or grandfather death you should write this as a reason of taking leave from school.

The Class Teacher / Principal,
Army Public School,
(Jalandhar Punjab),

Subject: Request for a day leave.

With due respect, I beg to say that, I am a student of Class 4th A in your school. I can’t attend my school today because my grandma has been passed over last night.

I therefore, request you to allow me leave for today (date).

I shall be highly obliged to you.

Yours Obediently,
Minhal Singh
Class 4th (A), Roll No.

Leave Application For School by For Going Out Of Station

The format of school leave application for going to out of station is required when student need to go outside due to any urgent, personal work or he might want to visit his festival. Anyway should keep some important point in mind while writing a leave application for going outstation.

First of all student should decide the specific period for his tour, second the name of place where he is going to visit and third the purpose of visit.

The Class Teacher / Principal,
JIRS_ Jain International Residential School,
(Kamakura, Karnataka),

Subject: Request for one day leave for going out of station.

With respectfully, my humble submission is that, My mother is invited to attend a family function at my my grandma village and I want to go with her to visit the village.

Therefore, I request you kindly permit me leave for one day (date).

I shall be utterly obliged to you.

Yours Obediently,

Class 6th (B), Roll No. 21

Leave Request Application Format For School For personal Work

Leave for personal reason might be a domestic issue. If you don’t want to show your personal reason asking for leave you can request to your school teacher that you have required leave for a domestic issue.

The Class Teacher / Principal,
Govt Middle School,
Bombay India,

Subject: Request for one day leave for personal work.

With due regard my humble accommodation is that, today I can’t attend my regular classes due to a domestic issue. It is my benevolent request to you to allow me one day leave today.

I shall be highly obliged to you.

Yours Obediently,
Annand Lal
Class 6th (B), Roll No. 44

Sample Application for Leave From School Due To Grandma Death

Subject: Request for a day leave.

Honorable Sir,

Respectfully, I would like to inform you that, I have required two days leave because my grandmother has been died.

I need to accompany with my mother to go at her village. Taking above mentioned reason in your view, kindly allow leave for two day from school.

I shall be obliged to you.

Yours Sincerely,
Raj kumar
Class 10th (B), Roll No.

Leave Application By Student Due To Mother’s Delivery

Subject: Request for a day leave due to emergency.

Respected Sir,

Respectfully, I want to inform you that, I can’t attend my school classes today because there is an emergency in my family. My father have to take my mother to city hospital as she has reached at birth time.

In this circumstances, I request you to allow leave for today.

Obediently Yours,
Dravid albert
Class 9th B

Leave Application for School Teacher to Principal

The Principal,
Brilliant School
Chandigarh, Punjab

Subject: Request for a day leave due to mother’s illness.

Dear Sir,

With respectfully, I would like to inform you that, I am Mr (your name) class teacher of class 6th B. I have required leave for today because I have an appointment with doctor in case of  my mother sickness. Last week the physician advised some medicine but my mother’s health did not improving with prescribed medicine.

I therefore, request you kindly grant me one leave today (date).

I shall be obliged to you.

Mohan Lal
Contact No:

Due to Unwell Leave Application by Teacher To Principal

Subject: Request for a day leave.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this application to inform you that, I am unable to arrive at school today as I am suffering from a migraine headache and flu.

Taking a day rest definitely help me to recover my health and I hope, I will return school in normal routine next day.

Kindly accept my apology and grant me leave for one day (date). In case, I would required extra days, I will inform you.


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FAQ’ On Leave Application For school 

1. What is school leave application?

Answer- It is a formal request letter written by student or his parents. The purpose of sending this letter is to notify the school authority about the reason of student Absent.

2. What are the essential point to mention in leave request application to principal?

Answer- For writing a leave application you need to apply following points,

1. Make Salutation (The Principal,).

2. Put School address (Name & Place of your school).

3. Make a Subject (purpose of application).

4. Describe Reason (which cause your need leave).

5. Clear Required days (how many days you need leave).

6. Leave a Thanks note (write a thanking sentence for leave approval).

7. Provide Your Address (Student Name, Class, Roll No).

3. How do I write a past leave application to school teacher?

Answer- Necessary points to mention in a request application for absence days leave,

  • Introduce your self and describe your reason of being absent days.
  • Mention numbers of days you remain absence from school.
  • Request with polite tone for excuse absent period.
  • Attach documents ie doctor’s note traveling tickets, etc.
  • Thanks note.

4. How to write leave extension application to principal?

Answer- Leave extension request application is required when a student is already on leave and he has required more leave days,

For example,

Subject: Request for leave extension.

With due respect I request in your honor that I am Mr. Parkash student of class six roll no 15. I am already on leave. My due date to report at school is (Date).

I have required more two days leave because my uncle’s marriage has been postponed for two days due to a domestic issue.

For above mentioned reason, you are requested to grant me leave for two days from (date) to (date). I shall obliged.

Thanking you,
Sincerely yours!
Mr. parkash

Note: check leave of absence rules before writing Application for leave

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