Leave Application For Urgent Work ( 5+ Detailed Samples)

In this post we will discuss how to write leave application for urgent piece of work. Child students need to learn how to request your school principal or school teacher one day leave for urgent work at home. You will find short and unique format for leave application for important work for both school and office.

For urgent peice of work leave application

Three Sample Leave Application For Urgent Piece Of Work Sample For School, College And Office

Read below short and easy leave letter for urgent work template.

1. Application for Urgent Piece of Work for School Teacher


The principal

ABC school

Subject: Request for leave for Urgent Piece of Work

Respected Sir,

With great respect I am writing this request letter for one day leave from school for a urgent piece of work at my home.

Therefore, kindly award me one day leave from school. I assure you that I will complete my home work next day

I will be obliged to your kindness.

Thanking you

Yours obediently

Student Name
Class: 8th
Roll No: 30
Date – 21.04.2021

2. Application to Principal for Urgent work in English


The principal

ABC school

New Dehli

Subject: Request For Leave Due To Urgent Piece of Work

Respected Sir,

I humbly request that I have an urgent work today so, I would have to stay at my home rather then attending my school classes.

Kindly, allow me leave for one day on ( date).

I shall be thankful to you for this.

Thanking you.

Yours obediently

Student Name
Class: 6th
Roll No: 46
Date – 23.04.2021

3. Urgent piece of work Leave Application For Office


The Manager

Company Name & Address, Delhi

Subject:  Request For Leave For Urgent Piece Of Work

Respected Sir,

It is respectfully stated that, I Can’t access to workplace today because of an urgent work which I would have stay at home. Kindly, grant me leave for today, I will not be  accessible online for any kinds of question regarding to office.

Expecting kindness from you.

Yours Obediently

Name – Employee
Designation: Job Title
Date: 12.03.2021

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