Leave Application Format For Covid-19 Sick Leave

Leave Application format for covid-19 symptom or leave application due to lockdown samples for office, school and college are given below.

Unfortunately, almost all world specifically india passing through the dangerous waves of Covid-19 Pandemic, in this regards all government and private institutions had directed their employees to apply for paid sick leave in case miner or miser health issue specially Fever, and Flu.

Fever and flu are the main symptoms of covid-19 infection. We are given below some short format of leave application for covid-19 or lockdown. You may need.

COVID-19 positive leave letter


1. Sick Leave Application Due To Covid-19 Infection.

Respected Sir/Mam

It is Unfortunately to stated that, I (your Name) have developed Fever & Flu symptoms of Covid 19, therefore I have undergone a mandatory coronavirus test. According to doctors instructions, I have protected myself in self-isolation till my test report is out.

In this situation my health can’t let me to work and I also don’t want play with my co-workers health. I therefore Request for leave for (Days)

I am in communication with doctor, my test report will appear tomorrow and I hope it turns out to be negative, And Unfortunately if it turn out positive, I would have to apply for quarantine Leave.


( Applicants Employee Name )

2. Application For Leave Due To Covid-19 Lock down

Respected Sir,

It is respectfully stated that, government has imposes partial lock down and somewhere even tough in our area to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic

I find no way to manage the distance to arrive at workplace. Therefore kindly grant me leave for X days.

Employee Name

3. Covid-19 Sick Leave Short Message To Office Boss

Respected Sir,

Unfortunately, I have developed Fever and Flu last night. The doctor has launched mandatory covid-19 test that has turned positive.

I am in self isolation and demand quarantine leave until my health recovery.


Employee Name

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