How To Write A Leave Of Absence Letter [ Samples & Writers Guide ]

A leave letter for leave of absence is a formal letter.  It’s written by  the student or employee for the purpose of applying for leave for health recovery or for the purpose personal, causal and urgent works.

Writing a leave letter in a perfect way, must follow a specific format. In this post you will find 10 simple and easy steps to write your leave of absence letter in a best way.

Leave of absence letter

Leave Letter | Basic Guidance To Format An Excellent Letter For Leave Of Absence

Writing a simple leave application for primary and nursery student is quite easy but some one may be seeking for the method of writing a professional leave application for Principal.

If you are confuse how to start application letter and how to describe your reason for taking leave in request letter. Of course following nine steps are most important to mention in leave application letter. Follow given below instructions in order to write effective leave application letter for school principal.

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1. How To Address A Leave Of Absence letter?

First of all you needed to address your recipient with complete address to whom you want send your leave Request letter.



The Principal / Headmaster / Class Teacher,

New City English School Kolkata,

Date: 24 January 2020

2. How To Make Subject Of A Leave Letter?

Subject is the purpose of your leave letter. It is  better to make a reasonable subject.


1. Subject: Request for one day leave due to fever.

2. Subject: Apology for two days leave for going out of station.

3. List Of Opening  Sentences for Leave Letter

It’s not just easy as you think to find the words to impress your Principal because he is an honorable and the head of your  institute. You would have to beg permission to take leave. I have tried my best to write some respectable sentence and I hope you will find here best guidelines about writing an effective leave application for your Principal. Check below list of opening leave application conversation sentences.


With due respect, I would like to submit my humble request in your kindness is that,

Respectfully, I beg to state that,

Most respectfully, I would like to inform you that,

  • I would like to bring in your kind attention that,
  • With all respect my humble submission is that,
  • I beg to say in your majesty that,
  • I beg to say in your exaltation is that,
  • I want to request in your high rank that,
  • With Substantial respect I beg to say in your high position that,
  • I want to request in your pronounced respect,

4. How To Mention Reason Of Required Leave In The Letter For Leave Of Absence?

For Putting your reason in your leave application first of you have to decide the nature of work. You don’t need to show your reason with long explanation but write valuable description so that your school principal or teacher can easily understand your problem. Here is a list can help you mentioning your reason in application letter.


I am suffering from high grade fever since last day. The specialist has advised to take proper rest at least  for three days for better health recovery. Therefore, I am unable to attend the school for next three days.

With great respect, I would like to submit my request in your high rank  that, a wedding ceremony of my father’s best friend is going to be held in (city name). My father has planned to participate in the function with whole family.

I need to stay at home because some of our special guest are coming from village today so I am unable to attend classes today

Last day when I was returning from school with my father, our bike slipped due to heavy rain which I got injury at right hand so I would be unable to attend school for one week because of fracture in my hand.

5. How To Put Numbers Of Required Leave In Your Leave Application Letter?

After explaining your reason put numbers of required leave period.


For this, I needed two days leave from (date) to (date).

For above mentioned reason I need one day leave on (date).

6. How To Request For Leave?


Therefore , I request in your kind honor that grant me above mentioned 02 days leave from school so that, I may celebrate the event with my family.

7. Which Words To Select For Thanks Note?

Leave a thanks note for approval of your request.


  • I will be thankful to you.
  • I will stay obliged to you.
  • I am obliged for your kindness.
  • I am greatly obliged for your kindness.

8. How To Close A Leave Leave Of Absence Request Application Letter?

Add Closing application remarkable words.



  • Faithfully yours,
  • Yours obediently,
  • Your sincerely student,

9. Putting Your Address In The Letter

Mention your name address with current date.


  • Yours sincerely,
  • Mr Dravid
  • Class: 6th A
  • Date:

Leave Letter Sample For Absence From School, College And Office

Below are various types of leave application sample follow links.

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