Four Sample Application For Picnic

A Picnic Application letter is a formal request, typically written by an employee/student, to their employer/principal asking for permission to take time off work to attend a picnic or other organized event. This letter should include the details of the event, the employee’s reason for wanting to attend, and the amount of time needed off … Read more

Sample Application For Provisional Certificate From School & College

A provisional certificate application letter is a document used to request a provisional certificate from a school or other educational institution. The provisional certificate is an official document that certifies that a student has completed a course or program and is usually needed to gain employment or apply to a college or university. The provisional … Read more

Two Sample Application For Police Clearance Certificate

A Police Clearance Certificate Application letter is a formal letter written to the local police station or other relevant law enforcement agency, requesting a Police Clearance Certificate. This document is typically required when applying for a visa, residency permit, or employment in certain countries. A Police Clearance Certificate is a document which verifies that the … Read more