Application For Bonafide Certificate In English | Samples & Guide

Bonafide certificate is a type of proof or document that identify the person, a Student or Employee is belongings to an organization. The reason of awarding this document to students and employee for applying for scholarship, stipend, cast validity, opening bank account or may be for bus pass, adhere card and passport. Both Students and … Read more

Application To Bank Manager [ New Cheque, ATM, Account Statement ]

Application Letter To Bank Manager In English: Almost everyone prefers to have a bank account to save, withdraw money easily in a safe way. Therefore one account holder might have numerous operations behind his accounts like issuance of bank statement, checkbook/passbook, ATM card, or renewal of atm/ visa card. etc, Application to bank branch manager … Read more

How To Write Birthday Letter To Best Friend

Sending letters to your best friends is one of the easiest and oldest ways to show them that they hold a special place in your life. Whether it’s a happy birthday letter, a friendship wishes card, a sweet and nice letter, or an apology, congratulations message, taking the time to write a letter can make … Read more