Application For Half Day Leave | 11 Samples & Detailed Guide

Half day leave application is written for; going hospital, exams, doctor’s appointment, birthday party,family function, urgent work etc. We have written detailed guide how to write half day application with 7 samples, with additional notes & guides You can find here Half day leave letter formats For School students and employees. Sometimes a half-day leave … Read more

Marriage Leave Application [ Sample For School & Office ]

Leave Application For Marriage: Leave application or letter formats for wedding ceremony are drafted here. Sending leave application to authority for getting leave is a formal way for work off, to join wedding function. Most of institutes and companies permit their employees to attend marriage ceremony of close kith and kin relatives like brother’s, cousin’s, … Read more

Vacation Leave Application | Detailed Guide & Samples

Application For Vacation Leave: We do work for life. For this, we have a lot of planning in our liveliness. To spend full time with family for rest, entertainment, celebration, an employee seeks for vacation leave. Vacation leave is a long break from work policy. Education departments announce vacations for students and teachers once in … Read more

Leave Application For Office | 14+ Samples & Writing Guide

Casual leave application for the office: When an employee decides to take a short or long break from the workplace due to any causal, emergency, or personal reason, he would have to submit a leave application to his boss or manager to maintain his office leave policy. An employee is entitled to take paid casual … Read more