Four Sample Sick Leave Application For University

Leave in case of sickness for a university application letter should include the reasons for the leave, the period of leave taken, an explanation of any gaps in studies, and any medical advice or assistance received during the leave. It should also emphasize any efforts taken to minimize the disruption to studies, such as catching … Read more

4 Sample Leave Application For Grandfather Death

A Leave For Grandfather Death Request Application is a formal letter asking for permission to take time off from work due to the death of a family member, in this case, a grandfather. Points to keep in mind when writing a letter of this nature include: Start the letter by expressing your sadness in learning … Read more

5 Sample Leave Application For Friend Marriage To School & Office

Leave application For Friend Marriage is a letter written by an employee/student to their employer/principal requesting for leave for a friend’s marriage. The letter should include the exact dates for which leave is requested, the purpose of the leave, and the employee’s contact information. Additionally, the letter should be written in a professional and respectful … Read more