Application For Degree Certificate | 4 Detailed Samples & Guide

Request Application for degree certificate from school, college and university. Sample letter to Principal for requesting your collection certificate are drafted here with most useful specific format In addition you read different Application letter for pass certificate template to choose which one is suitable for your demand. The degree certificate is basically a award to … Read more

Application For Bonafide Certificate | Detailed Samples & Guide

Bonafide certificate is a type of proof or document that identify the person, a Student or Employee is belongings to an organization. The reason of awarding this document to students and employee for applying for scholarship, stipend, cast validity, opening bank account or may be for bus pass, adhere card and passport. Both Students and … Read more

Application For Half Day Leave | 11 Samples & Detailed Guide

Half day leave application is written for; going hospital, exams, doctor’s appointment, birthday party,family function, urgent work etc. We have written detailed guide how to write half day application with 7 samples, with additional notes & guides You can find here Half day leave letter formats For School students and employees. Sometimes a half-day leave … Read more

Leave Application For Marriage [ For Brother, Sister, Cousin, Nephew ]

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