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Sick Leave Email To Boss | 15+ Sick Leave Letter Format For Office Employee

Sick Leave Email: It is reality our health can sometimes down. Fever, abdomen ache, headache, cold, flu, cough, in such medical issues every employee seeks for treatment and rest for early health recovery. A mentally and physically fit employee can do and understand the work easily and also he can handle the routine work in a best manner.

Sick leave email

Consequently, the law maker institute has given the right to all govt and private workers to demand sick leave for maintaining their health. An employee can stay at home after sending a sick leave application to office Boss / manager of their belongings department.

In case of illness an employee have option to demand for sick leave from office. A government servant can acquire sick leave from one to 10 days.

Just in case of major health problem, a medical certificate or physician’s written note is needed as a proof beside the request for leave.

How To Compose An Email For Sick Leave For Office

In event of illness, email for sick leave is sent to the head of the department i.e. the manager, boss or supervisor.

During this case, the manager puts another worker on duty at your place of work so there’s no interruption within the work of the office.

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Important Tips, Guidelines To Write Sick Day Email To Manager

Read following important points to keep in mind while composing a sick leave letter.[wp_ad_camp_2]

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1. Opening mail sentences- To write a best sick leave mail, you need to start with a well-respected phrase.

2. In which reason you are applying for sick leave?- The reason for leave is the basis of your application. It lets your boss and colleagues recognize why you cannot report to the workplace. If you would like a work off day it will better to describe your reason shortly and if you required leave for more days, describe your reason briefly.

3. Period of required leave-In case of health problem, you want to consult a doctor. If the doctor instructs you to take some bed rest, you should write in your letter that, the physician has suggested you for some rest.

4. How you can assist office while staying at home-? If you’re not terribly sick and you can reply to messages from the workplace , you need to write your telephone number or email ID in order that you’ll be contacted if required.

5. Who can run your office during your absence-? It would be applicable to inform your manager, which worker is aware of your job well. this will make it easier for your manager to replace you.

6. Closing mail sentences- You should put a thanks note at the end of your mail for leave approved.

15+ Sick Leave Email Format Application For Office Employee

It’s all about 15+ Sick leave email topic, formatted here on several most common reasons with the goal that, you can easily find required application sample. Kindly scroll down to meet with your need.

Sick Leave Email Fever


The Manager

HSBC Bank London

Date: 22/03/2020

Subject: Request for sick leave.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Greetings of the day,

I am composing this email to inform you that, I have come down with fever. So, i’d unable to participate in the the so-called meeting tomorrow. I had informed (co-worker name) who is agree to handle my employment during my absence days.

Therefore, kindly grant me leave for subsequent 2 days from (D/M/Y) to (D/M/Y).

I shall completely be duty-bound to you.

Employee Name:
Contact No:

Sick Leave Letter For Fever


The Manager

US Department Of Defense

Date: 12/03/2020

Dear Sir,

With best regards and humble submission, I would like to let you know that, I got a high fever last night. I went hospital for treatment. A well known doctor has prescribed some medicines and also suggested for bed rest.

In this circumstances, I apologize you for two day leave from (date) to (date).
I’ll be thankful for your kindness.

Yours obediently,


Sick leave email fever

Sick Leave Email For Stomach Issue


The Branch Manager

Establish Branch Tesco

Welwyn Garden City UK

Date: 22/02/2020

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, I state that, I am feeling severe stomach pain because of gas and acidity. I contacted with a surgeon who had suggested me to take some medicine but I am still sustaining same assault.
So, I apologies kindly, sanction today’s leave from office.

Sincerely yours,

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One Day Sick Day Mail Sample


The Establishment Branch Manager

People’s Libertarian Army China

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, I am writing to inform you through this message that, I am perpetually vomiting due to the serious assault of indigestion. Nothing stay inside my stomach for a while. Because of this I am unable to report at work.

Kindly, excuse me a day leave so, I can contact with surgeon for better health restoration.
Thanks for your kindness.


Sick Day Mail For Food Poisoning

To, (Recipient Email ID)[wp_ad_camp_2]

Subject: Email request sick leave letter.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With respect, I would like to inform you that, I am not able to report to work today because I am facing an intense assault of food poisoning.

Taking my unwell position in your views kindly, allow me a work off day.

Employee Name:
Contact No:

Simple Sick Leave Email For Headaches


The Manager

Documents Branch

Prudential Plc London

Dear Sir,[wp_ad_camp_3]

Most respectfully, I would like to explain that, I have been facing astringent headaches since last night. I have made a call to doctor for appointment so, I’ll unable to join office today.

I therefore, demand to concede my apology for a work off day on (Date).

Yours sincerely,


Sick Leave Email For Allergies

The Manager

Account Branch

Walmart USA

Dear Sir,

With respectfully, I submit that, I have a respiratory allergic issue today, that is causing constant nausea. I have used some drugs but still I don’t feel myself fit to join office today.

Kindly allow me to stay at home. Additionally, I am in touch with ( co-worker) to assist him office work online.

Your Truly,

Email For Sick Leave For Bad Flu

The Manager

Exchange Operation Unit

Vodafone, Industry Newbury

Respected Sir,

Respectfully, I would like to inform you, that my health condition is not well today. Unfortunately, I got flu yesterday evening. So, I don’t want to come office today.

Please excuse my non-attendance. I Will continue office work online.
Thanks for your kindness.

Best regards,

Mail For Sick Leave Due To Flu

To (Your Boss Email ID)

Subject: Request mail for sick leave.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Unfortunately, I’ve contracted this season’s flu virus and will not be coming back to the workplace tomorrow (D/M/Y). So that, I can rest and recoup. I’ve asked (co-worker name) to mind my customers to ensure the whole thing of their needs are met and he will set up the report for our gathering on (date).

I will conceive to browse emails within the event that you just want something pressing.

Thanking you.
Employee Name:-
Contact No:

Sick Leave Mail For Pulse Sore


The Station Master

Bombay Railway Junction

Indian Railway

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, I describes that, I got pulse sore in my right arm during physical exercise last evening. I would like to take a appointment with doctor at his clinic. For this, I am requesting for a rest day on (date).

I hope you’ll kind enough to allow a day leave.

Thanks for your anticipation.

Best wishes ever,


Sick Leave Email Due To Blood Pressure

The Manager

Documents Branch

Sainsbury’s Retail Industry, London

Dear Sir,[wp_ad_camp_1]

Respectfully, as you better know I am a blood pressure patient and today I am experimenting high blood pressure. I have utilize my regular medicine but I am not feeling well yet.

My request in your kind esteem, graciously grant a day leave on the account of my poor health.

Thank you for your good intentions.

Yours sincerely,


I Am Unwell Sick Leave Email due to High Sugar

The Branch Manager

Complain Office

Hon Hai Precision Industry, (Foxconn) Taiwar

Dear Sir,

Most Respectfully, I would like to inform you that, my sugar is going to be out of my control. So I want to select hospital rather then workplace.

I apologetically request you for a single work day off from office. In case I will require extra day, I will call possibility.

Many thanks for your co-operation

Best Regards,

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Short Sick Day Email due to Miner Injury

The Manager

Branch Office Name

Compass Group, Chertsey

Dear Sir,[wp_ad_camp_2]

Respectfully, I would to convey my situation via this message that, unfortunately, I fell down the stairs last night. I have got a miner knee Injury that is bleeding with pain.

I can’t walk property so, I apologies you for a work off day.

Many thanks for understanding my situation.

Yours Truly

Request Email For Sick Leave Due To Toothache


The Security In charge

International Airlines Group, London

To (Boss email ID)

Subject:- Sick leave Request.

With all respect, I’m composing this mail to inform you that, I won’t be able to appear within the workplace tomorrow as a result of, I’m facing toothache pain since last night. The doctor has advised to take medicine.

In this state of compulsion, kindly, show your consent to grant a single day leave on (date).

I shall be glad to you.

Employee Name:

Short Email For Sick Leave Sample Due to Cough

To (Your Manager Email ID)

Subject: Mail request for sick leave.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I’m messaging to inform you that, I can’t make it work today (Date) due to cough. I’ll be accessible to reply urgent email. I had discussed (Mr.Jecson) to take workplace load for today.

Many thanks to you.

Employee Name:-
Contact No:

Emailing in Sick What To Say Due To Cold

To, (Recipient Email ID)

Subject: Request mail for one day sick leave.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I’m messaging to inform you that I can’t make it work today, (Date), due to cold/cough. I’ll be accessible to answer email messages and I had discussed (Co-Worker Name) will deal with my remaining task today.

Much thanks to you.

Employee Name:
Contact No:[wp_ad_camp_3]

E-mail in Sick Example

To (Recipient Email ID)

Subject: Email for sick leave.

Respected Sir/Madam,

This email is to inform you that, I can’t be a part of the workplace tomorrow thanks to my (Sickness).
I will telecommute and answer any messages or phone calls to assist if necessary.
I trust the fever will be gone Sunday, and attempt to profit to work for Mon. I saw the specialist previous night and have a note that affirms my illness. I’ll expedite the note Mon.
I shall be appreciative to you.

Employee Name:
Contact No:

Sample Email For Sick Leave for Malaria

Most respectfully, I am (Mr. Name). My subject matter is that, I was not feeling well for the last 3 days. I visited the doctor and he asked to possess a biopsy. In keeping with the report, I’m affected by illness malaria.

The Doctor has emphasize to take medicine with full rest for coming three days. In this situation, I’d not be ready to return to the workplace.

For the sake of the situation kindly, issue leave allocation notice for one week from (12 to 18 September on the account of sick leave.

I shall terribly be duty-bound to you.

Employee Name:
Contact No

Sick E-mail For Leave Example

To (Email ID of recipient)

Subject: Request application mail for sick leave.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I’m sending you this email to inform you that, I can’t make it work on [D/M/Y], due to [illness name].

In the event that something critical comes up, I’ll have the option to answer messages, [co- worker name] who will be responsible for my outstanding task at hand today to ensure that all cutoff times are met.

Many thanks to you for comprehension.

Employee Name:
Contact No:


Conclusion: An employee should follow his office sick leave rules before applying for sick leave.

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