Sick Leave Message | Sample Message For Sick Leave To Boss

A Sick leave message is a simple text message can be sent by an employee to his boss / manager or co-worker. The aim of sending this message is, to inform the supervisor about sickness in which a worker he or she is unable to come at work place.

Out of office sick leave message in case of flu or fever Example and format are given below to quickly send by WhatsApp messenger.

15+ Sample for Basic Sick Leave Email

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How To Write Sick Leave  Request Message To Your Boss

Below here you will find several leave messages format. You choose which one sample is according to your needs.

1. Sick Leave Message To Boss / Manager For Infection

To (Recipient Email ID)

Subject: Required email application letter for sick leave.

Respected Sir/Madam,

If you don’t mind acknowledge this composed message of my absence on (D/M/Y). I am not able to manage work because of infection.

On the off chance that, you need extra data if it’s not too much trouble let me know.

Many thanks to you.

Employ Name:
Contact No:

2. 5+ Sample Text Messages for Sick Leave By WhatsApp Messenger

1. Dear Sir,

I have a sore throat today. That’s why I prefer to see a doctor. Please provide me a day off from work today.

2. Good Morning Sir,

Sir, I would like to inform you through this message that I am suffering from viral fever. That is why I will no longer be capable to come to the office today. Please appoint another person in my place so that he can run the office.

3. Hi Sir,

I have a high fever at night. The doctor has utilized a drip. That’s why I’m no longer in a position to come to the office today.

4. Dear Sir,

I hope you will be well. Unfortunately I am down with cold since last night. so I have no option to work at office today. Please grant me a holiday.

5. Respected Sir,

Obediently yours, my wife is not well today and I want to go to the clinic for a medical checkup. So, can’t make work today.

6. Dear Sir,

I’m sorry sir, I can’t come to the workplace today due to the fact my 5 yr old baby is ill and I want to take him to the doctor.

3. Sick leave Sample Message For Viral Flu

To (Boss email ID)

Subject: Apology mail request for sick leave.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Shockingly, I woke up wiped out early today. I won’t have the option to make it into the workplace today, yet I can take a shot at my ventures from home and will be accessible by means of email and Slack. I’ve asked [coworker’s name] to cover the early daytime meeting.
Much thanks to you.

Employee Name:
Contact No:

4. Sick Day Message Example Due To Pain

To (Recipient Email ID)

Subject: Request for sick leave.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Apologies, however, I can’t make it work today. I have cold/stomach pain, so I’m going to take a vacation day. I’ll be accessible to answer urgent messages.
Much thanks to you.

Employee Name:
Contact No:

Whatsapp sick leave message for office

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