Vacation Leave Application | Detailed Guide & Samples

Application For Vacation Leave: We do work for life. For this, we have a lot of planning in our liveliness. To spend full time with family for rest, entertainment, celebration, an employee seeks for vacation leave.

Vacation leave is a long break from work policy. Education departments announce vacations for students and teachers once in a year. Government Working institutes and commercial company’s awards vacation to employees as the base of eligibility.

5 Most Useful Vacation Request Letter Formats

A kind of paid leave policy granted to employees for the sake of relax, rest pleasure and for the aim, to give a break to employee, to resolve his individual and private matters.

Vacation leave reasons

An employee might have various reasons for applying for vacation leave like family matter, for  marriage or going aboard, house construction, religious holidays festivals, Holi, Diwali, Christmas, family function, personal reasons, etc.

Below are some word formats for V/leave you may like.

Application for vacation leave

1. Vacation Leave Application Sample For Employee

From, ( ___________Name)
( ________________Address)
(State, postal code )

(Current Date)

To, ( ______________Name)
( _______________Address )
(State, postal code )

Subject: Request for (number of days) vacation leave.

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due regards, kindly accept this formal submission for two week’s vacation leave from (start date) to (end). I will rejoin the duty on (date). I have just planned vacations with my whole family to visit (place name).

I have completed my all working tasks and also handed over the office charge to (co-worker name). Hand in taken over charge certificate is attached. There is no any deficiency observed during the process.

In case of any essential and urgent information required, you can mail me [email protected]. I am obliged for considering my apology. Kindly info me when my request is approved so that, I can prepare for my trip.

Thanking you,

Your Name:-

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2. Vacation Leave Request email Example To Manager / Boss

Subject: Annual leave application

Respected Mr./Mrs. (Recipient’s Name),

I am composing this mail to let you inform that, I have fixed my decision for annual vacation leave as I am eligible according to department leave policy.

I need your kind consideration to accept my leave application for (28) days from (date) to (date) because my son is coming from abroad and I have planned vacation to visit (place name) with my whole loved ones.

I handed over my office working task to (co-worker name). He is smart and easily understood the current project. I hope he is skilled and will handle the task.

In case of any urgency needed you can mail me [email protected] and my contact no is (#####). I will rejoin the office on (date).

Yours Sincerely,
(Your Name)

3. Vacation Leave Application Format For Student

From, ( ___________Name)
( Class and Roll no)

(Current Date)


To, (Principal / Class Teacher)
( School Name)
( ________Place)
Subject: Request application for vacation leave.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Most Respectfully, I would like to inform you that, my father is a government employee who has allowed for 30 day vacations from his department and he has planned a twenty days trip to visit (place name) with whole family.

Therefore, I have required leave for 20 days from (date) to (date). So that, I can go with my family.

Taking my situation in your kind views, I request you to allow me above mentioned days leaves. I shall be obliged to you.

Yours faithfully,

Student name

Roll no


4. Vacation Leave Application Sample Written By Parents

Respected Sir / Madam,

Respectfully, I am Mr (your Name) father of ( student name) studying in class 6th A at your school. My subject matter is this, I could not take my family to visit out station during school vacation leave due to my personal family reason. Hence, I have planned a trip to go through my parent city (city name) with my all loved one family members. So, I need vacation leave for my son for 15 days from (date) to (date).

Considering my situation, I request you to allow above mentioned leaves period. I assure you that, I will take special care for him, to complete home work at prior during the absence period. I would thankful to you for this kind favors.

Your loyally,

Mr (parent name)

5. Vacation leave approval letter from Employee

From, ( ___________Name)
( ________________Address)
(State, postal code )

(Current Date)

To, ( ______________Name)
( _______________Address )
(State, postal code )

Subject: Vacation leave approval letter.

Dear (Recipients Name),

I have acknowledged your vacation leave application. It has been approved from (date) to (date). You may go, get relax and take care yourself. Contact the office assistant If you have any concerns. You are appreciated by your working skills.

Hence, appropriate to take a period off to get rest and recharge. Thanks for working a good job in a excellent manner and have an superb break.


(Senders Name)
(Senders Signature)

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